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In House Studios (IMs) is an established Photographic Studio
with the addition of comprehensive on Site Studio capabilities, enabling us to come to you or your event. Covering all aspects
or commercial photography we are based in Dorset in the UK
and we have been undertaking projects throughout the UK and
around the World since 2010


IHS has a proven track record on a variety of projects for
a diverse range of clients. Our Degree qualified Photographers
have many years of experience to ensure that assignments and
projects we undertake are carried out to the very highest or
We will do our very best to highlight your Project. Event
Gathering or Portfolio to the very best or It's potential.

White Silk


Here at IHS we believe in keeping up with the technology that is available.

Studio Brans 1.jpg

Here at IHS, we believe in keeping up with the technology that is available. Having the right camera and lenses for the right project, many years of experience, and a thorough understanding of how it all works together enables us to take the very best images that are available today. This, of course, all goes hand in hand with the scene setting, lighting and if necessary the post-image computer work.

Rolex 2.JPG

We believe keeping up with the ever-advancing
technology is key to the ever-demanding expectations of our clients in terms of expected and achievable image quality. It is not only about the camera and lenses, but a large role is down to Lighting, how it is placed and used as well as the traditional studio flash setups we have invested in both studio and LED lighting. This colour and intensity variable form of lighting can produce pure crisp images, as would be used for Jewellery, to soft effect as used in portrait imagery. Back-drops and green screens can all help set a scene perfectly.

Leopard 1.jpg

IHS has as extensive knowledge of Photo editing software. We can manipulate images or restore your old prints to full digital re-mastered images*. We can take our or your Photo images, and make those all-important digital re-touches, whether it is an unfortunate blemish on a wrong day, a missing person or a temporary crane that was just there at the wrong time. All this leads you to have the images that you want, a perfect family picture, or the very best chance of selling that product, whether it is an undiscovered model, a home you’re wishing to sell, a product, a menu selection, or a multi-million-pound development.

*The finished quality of restoration on old or corrupted images is governed by the condition of the original image supplied.

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